Systems: 10.9 (Minimum)         Systems: Windows 7 SP1 (Minimum)


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Stat-O-Matic Football

This program keeps offensive statistics during a football game. It is different from other statistic keeping programs in that it does not require memorizing codes for input, it is all done with a mouse or trackpad. When a play is over, click on the player, then click on the yardline where the play ended, and then click "OK." That is all there is to it. You can generate game reports and season stats right after the game. More Information.

Stat-O-Matic Football - DEFENSE 

This program keeps defensive statistics during a football game. Use a mouse or trackpad for input during the game. It will generate game reports and keep season stats. Select a player from the list for a tackle, or multiple players for assisted tackles. Points system. You can use the default, set up your own points, or not use at all. The point system is used by some coaches to help motivate their defensive players. More Information.


VeMain   Full program - NOW FREE  

An application used to keep track of the service needs for vehicles. After entering your service data from the vehicle manual you just enter the current mileage and the program generates a listing of items that need service. More Information.